About Us

About Us

Bringing good quality hair accessories with old fashion customer service!

KySienn Accessories” is all about “Hair Accessories”.

We are a much loved and trusted brand.”KySienn Accessories”, was founded in September 2013, we started with only “Hairnets”, and now we continue to grow our range and become a well established brand within the “Dance Industry’.”

In the beginning I started selling jewellery and accessories, and as life evolves, so did my business.  I was sick of buying expensive hairnets that didn’t last so I started researching for a better quality product.  I shared my findings with my dance friends and as word got out, one by one, my business started to grow.  As a mum to a Dancer, I understand that high quality hairnets, pins and hair accessories aren’t just about looking good, it’s about saving parent’s money!  I am now selling hair accessories Australia wide, and not a day goes by where I don’t receive positive feedback and continued support from Dance shops and Dance Schools. 

– Paulla Taylor

The name “KySienn” was created by combining both daughters names together.  Sienna, my eldest daughter, is my dancing queen, whilst Kyra, more a dancing orphan, helped me initiate the name “KySienn”. They are very proud and supportive of my achievements thus far, and are always willing helpers.  

Quality hair nets and accessories drives KySienn.