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We were lucky and won a contest for a years worth of accessories. As we get to the end of the year and and two girls utilizing these products, I can honestly say there is nothing else we would use. The bun pins and nets are above and beyond. We are excited to be putting an order in soon
Thank you

KySienn hair ties are the BEST! In the couple of months I’ve had a pack, I’ve literally used 2... one at the top of a plait & one at the bottom! With all of Isla’s hair. No stretched bands, no ponytail coming down during the day.- Sarah Gibbons NSW


The hair nets and bun nets are super strong which is fantastic when they are used over and over again. Have recommended these to other dance mums. Belinda Walker NSW

Being a single mum I have always looked for a product for my full time dancer that was strong, durable and great value, while still beating all other prices. Dance is so expensive and the owner of this company knows about that all too well